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As well as fitting beautiful kitchens across Leitrim and beyond, we at McNiffe’s also install wardrobes, specialising in Sliderobes.

Like our fitted kitchens service, our wardrobe service can be personalised to suit your specific needs and requirements. Call us today to chat with one of our designers about what you have in mind. We’d be glad to offer you our expert tips on how best to utilize the space you have. The wardrobes we design are both beautiful and practical, with functionality and utility of space being of utmost importance.

Benefits of Sliderobes

Sliding wardrobe doors offer many advantages over traditional, hinged doors.

✔ Their appearance is customisable, allowing you to select from a broader range of materials, such as mirrors, coloured glass, frosted glass, wood effect, etc.

✔ They’re customisable on the inside, meaning you can tailor them to suit your specific storage needs. From hanging rails to shelves and shoe racks, everything can be accommodated for.

✔ Sliderobes offer your bedroom and your home a modern vibe.

Sliderobes make use of the space you already have in your bedroom and can make rooms appear larger

We’re glad to offer you advice on storage solutions in your home through wardrobes and Sliderobes. Who says they have to be confined to the bathroom? Sliderobes can also offer smart storage options for media rooms and home offices.

For further details on any of our wardrobe or Sliderobe services, call us today.

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